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Following the success of the Balearic Superyacht Forum, we are delighted to introduce one of the key contributors to this achievement, our Headline Partner: BALTIC YACHTS


Baltic Yachts is the world’s leading builder of advanced composite yachts. Founded half a century ago, Baltic Yachts have built almost 600 yachts from a series of highly acclaimed production boats to the most successful, award-winning custom super-sailing yachts afloat.

Often travelling to Mallorca to work on our yachts we were increasingly being asked to work on other boats. In 2013 we decided to establish our own Service & Refit operation within STP and we haven’t looked back.

Today we have a close-knit team of almost 40 full-time staff here in Mallorca with vast collective experience and wide-ranging expertise. We’re part of Baltic Yachts but we’re not brand-centred we are client-centred and here to help everybody enjoy their yachts.

Our core values are above all trust and honesty. Passion in our work and the pursuit of innovation. Pride tempered with humility and a commitment to always go the extra mile.


What sets Baltic Yachts apart from others in the industry, particularly in the Balearic region?

Having had an active presence in Palma for over a decade we have built up a strong team and good network of trusted partners that enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services.

In addition to the local network we are benefitting from 50-years of high-quality yacht building experience at the shipyard in Finland and can offer our clients the latest new build technology for upgrades and retrofits.

The Baltic Family spirit and what it stands for lie at the heart of how we run our Service and Refit business. We promote a policy of transparent reporting, honesty and reliability engendered by an ethos which has proved a real success in Finland. Efficient planning and quick, on-time, high-quality turnarounds are key to our operation.


What motivated Baltic Yachts to become a headline partner for the Balearic Superyacht Forum?

We believe it is very important that the Balearic companies come together to discuss and exchange ideas to keep developing and highlight the Balearics as a key superyacht-hub.

This is the first event of this character to be organized on the island. Any first is always associated with some risk as no one really knows what to expect, but that is a risk we are willing to take and believe we can only grow stronger by coming together. 

We also hope for good networking opportunities and to raise the awareness of our presence on the island.


How do you envision the forum contributing to the success of the Superyacht landscape in the Balearic islands? 

It will generate more business through growing awareness of the industry and the companies working within it. We hope that the forum will create a space for discussions, networking and insight into the current and future opportunities within the Balearics. 


From your perspective, what are some of the most significant trends currently shaping the superyacht industry? 

There is an increasing amount of requests for making yachting more sustainable. As the fleet gets older we see an increasing amount of second-hand yachts interested in upgrades and retro-fits of various characteristics from PLC, improved interior/comfort, increased efficiency to maximizing performance. 


What are some of the key challenges that the industry, particularly in the Balearics, is facing, and how would you look to address them? 

One of the greatest challenges is to find new employees with the right skill set. This will only be met by attracting young people to the industry.

A lack of space to accommodate the yachts requesting service, combined with high costs for docking and hardstanding for the yachts as well as living/accommodation costs for the crew. Better collaboration with local authorities and increased communication highlighting the benefits of our industry to the Balearics.


How is your company embracing innovation and technological advancements to enhance its services or products?

The yard in Finland is the world’s leading builder of innovative and high-technology composite custom yachts and our Service & Refit operation benefits from the experience and innovation gained from the new-builds.  

Our engineers, designers and craftsmen are constantly developing ideas and team up with external experts in their fields to turn what at first might seem an impossible dream into reality. 


Can you discuss any sustainability initiatives or practices that Baltic Yachts is implementing to promote environmental responsibility within the industry? 

We are fortunate to have very curious and knowledgeable clients who ask about and push us when it comes to more environmentally friendly solutions.

Natural fibres were used in the interiors already in 2016 when Baltic 130 My Song was delivered. Recent developments in material technology, combined with an extended period of testing and R&D efforts have enabled us to reach a major milestone in structures fabrication. In 2021 Baltic 68 Pink Gin Verde was the first yacht of her size with naturally grown flax in more than 50% of the hull structure.

Low local emissions yachts have been part of the Baltic programme for some time, with Baltic 142 Canova delivered in 2019 featuring electrical propulsion and several versions and developments since, including hybrid propulsion, hydrogeneration, advanced battery technology fitted on our recent launches.

We are constantly looking for alternative materials and new technology, one example being Baltic 146 Path is fitted with a 60m² array of solar panels capable of generating up to 8kW to boost the yacht’s lithium-ion battery bank.

On the Service and Refit side of the business we see an increasing amount of request for sustainable solutions and the great deal of knowledge gained from the new-build projects is also available to our refit clients.  We are fully prepared for hybrid propulsion retrofits and we have already converted one yacht to a high-voltage electrical system. Instead of having a generator running 16 hours a day, it is running for two hours.


Collaboration seems to be a key theme of the Balearic Superyacht Forum. How does your company approach collaboration and partnerships within the industry? 

Our value promise is to support our clients to enjoy their yachts. This means offering a wide range of services covering all aspects of yacht refits and service. This would not be possible without our trusted network of partners that we collaborate with.

Each project and client are unique, to find the right solutions and put together the right team of experts in their fields is the core of our business.


Looking ahead, what do you see as the future of the superyacht industry, particularly in the Balearics? 

 The superyacht industry will continue to grow and with it the requirement for maintenance and service works. With exceptional cruising grounds and a world class service hub the Balearics are well placed to be at the heart of it. 


How is your company preparing to adapt to or capitalize on future developments in the industry? 

By striving to remain at the forefront of sustainable development and by collaborating with the local community and local partners. 


Can you highlight some of the key services or initiatives that  offers to clients in the superyacht sector? 

Our close relationship with the yard in Finland is unique and does not only offer valuable insight and knowledge but also enable us to offer quick turnarounds of refits by fabricating parts and components at the yard in Finland while the dismounting and preparations for the installation in Mallorca are already underway. Recent examples of this are interior and composite parts made in Finland and shipped to Mallorca for installation.


Are there any new or upcoming projects or offerings from your company that you’d like to share with our audience?  

In addition to our facilities in STP we have a 700 m2 multi-department workshop in Son Castello. There is a high demand for top quality composite parts and to meet the demand and step up our production a CNC machine will soon be installed alongside the lamination press. In 2023 we gained ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate and for the Son Castello workshop, DNV shop approval.

We are also developing our warehouse-sales side offering spare parts.

We constantly look for new Baltic-family members to join our Palma based team and now also offer on-site design and engineering.


What message would you like to convey to attendees and participants of the Balearic Superyacht Forum?  

 We believe in the continuous development of the Balearics as the epicentre of the Mediterranean yachting scene. We recognize the importance of the Balearic companies to come together and hope that we together with all actors of the industry will leave the Forum with clear objectives for the future.


How can interested parties best engage with Baltic Yachts or learn more about your offerings? 

 Our office is located just outside the STP gate on Muelle Viejo 17, ground floor and the door is always open.

We will also exhibit at the upcoming Palma Superyacht Village at stand nr. SY30 and look forward to connecting with you!